Power of 100 Women Lincoln County

Power of 100 Women is an all-women organization created to bring awareness and support local non-profit organizations in Lincoln County. Our first mission is to learn and share the needs of our local non-profits. Power of 100 Women meets once every three months to hear from three nonprofits that benefit Lincoln County. Then members vote to select 1 of these organizations and commit to donating $100 to the winning organization. Each member will write a check directly to the winner. As of today, we have 63 members and 4 teams. Our goal is 100 women. Please help us get the word out. The more members, the bigger impact we can make. Since our first meeting in November 2020, we have donated nearly $50,000 to 9 non-profits in Lincoln County. These 9 winning organizations are Junior’s House, Crossroads Pregnancy Clinic, Lincoln County Museum, Carriage House Players, Always Endure, Fayetteville-Lincoln County Arts Center, Fayetteville Lincoln County Animal Shelter, Lincoln County Family Resource Center, and Hayden’s Hope.