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A note from the Board of Directors - 7/30/20

Dear Community,

Our beloved organization has experienced many changes in 2020 including some recent changes in the Board of Directors.
We are happy to share that August looks brighter! With the help of our City and County Mayors as well as other valuable members of the Board, we are doing much to optimize the Fayetteville Main Street office and organization as a whole to ensure vitality and transparency for the next Director to be chosen.

We are grateful for those who have continued to support Fayetteville Main Street and our wonderful vendors who perpetuate the good time that is Fayetteville First Friday! Thank you for your patience the last month or so as communications has changed hands and we have missed some correspondence along the way. Effective this week, new individuals have taken responsibility for email communication and the website. Unfortunately, we have been unable to redeem access to the Fayetteville Main Street Facebook page as FB security measures are strict and no previous admins have remained with the Board. We are eager to get this resolved so we can get back in the social media swing with you all! Until then, please refer to our website for all updates, including First Friday signups. With that being said...

​​​​​​Fayetteville’s First Fridays are indeed BACK for the summer! Our board is excited to keep this series going! Please sign up to be a vendor via the link below or through the link provided on the Upcoming Events page. See you on the Square August 7th!

Thank you Fayetteville/Lincoln County!

Stay safe and God bless,

Fayetteville Main Street Board of Directors


Old buildings. New attitudes.

Fayetteville Main Street has been an active and vital part of the Community since 1990. Main Street revitalization is a comprehensive, incremental, self-help economic strategy that focuses on developing public-private partnerships in order to enhance community livability and job creation while maintaining the historic character of the district.
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Why Main Street?

• Our downtown is a reflection of how we, as a community, see ourselves and how we are perceived by others
• Our central business district is a prominent employment center
• Downtown Fayetteville is the historic commercial/government core of our community
• Our downtown represents a vast amount of public and private investment in our community
• Our downtown provides a sense of community and place
• Downtown Fayetteville is a tourist draw for Lincoln County
• A significant portion of our community’s tax base comes from the downtown
• Main Street is a good incubator for new small businesses which are the building blocks of a healthy economy

The Main Street Approach

The Main Street approach is not a quick fix, but rather one based upon the Four-Point Approach of the National Main Street Center.
Design means getting our downtown into top physical shape. Capitalizing on our assets such as historic buildings and the traditional downtown layout is just part of the story. Main Street also strives to create an inviting atmosphere through parking areas, signs, sidewalks, street lights and landscaping.

Promotion means selling the image and promise of Main Street to all prospects. By marketing the district’s unique characteristics through advertising, retail promotional activities, special events and marketing campaigns. Fayetteville Main Street hopes to forge a positive image to shoppers, investors, new businesses and visitors. (Please refer to the back page of this brochure for a Calendar of Events for Fayetteville Main Street.)

Organization means getting everyone working towards common goals. The tough work of building consensus and cooperation among the groups that have an important stake in our downtown can be eased by using the common-sense formula of a volunteer-driven program and an organizational structure of board and committees.

Economic Restructuring means finding new or better purposes for Main Street enterprises. Helping existing downtown businesses expand and recruiting new ones. Fayetteville Main Street converts unused space into productive property and sharpens the competitiveness of its businesses.

Fayetteville Main Street