I’m excited to get the new group started, but in preparation – private students will begin learning the anthem so we definitely have a group to sing our National Anthem at the Slawburger Festival in April!

Do you know what being in a choral ensemble could mean to your child? 

  • Your child will learn to read music! This is a proven skill set that actually helps students do well in other subjects.
  • Your student will gain confidence in their singing voice in a group of other singers which always leads to peer mentorship and wonderful friendships form. All students are encouraged and everyone gets to shine!  Solo opportunities are always spread around so that everyone who is willing to try gets that chance. 
  • Your child will learn to sing in harmony!  If they have wanted to do this but didn’t know how, this is the best way to learn. 
  • Travel! Students in Elk River Youth Chorus have the prospect of touring and sharing their music with other communities!
  • Learn a variety of genres that they might never be exposed to otherwise. They will experience the challenge of learning ethnic music as well as exploring other languages.


Enjoy this rendition of the anthem, in a special arrangement for the Arizona Youth Chamber Ensemble. You are hearing about 14 voices aged 11- 18.

Originally posted by Magic Voice Studio via Locable